Melancholy … a part of life .

Light and darkness exist side by side . They are but two faces of a coin . Unless you know darkness you cannot appreciate light . And so sadness is …an essential part of life … a vital element img_3852.. to make you appreciate your happy moments . Like happiness sadness too should be ” lived” . In moments of quiet and stillness … when you think you are lonesome and sad .. you can hear your own voice speaking to you . It is like a conversation with oneself … it is like being aware of your existence and how it matters …

When we are happy and joyful we cherish our moments . We are so much busy living “in” the moment that sometimes we forget the value of it . Sure we need happiness in our lives . We should always aim to be happy . Because when we are happy we can make others happy too . And it spreads and the world becomes a happy place !

We also need sadness and anger and fear and anxiety and mistakes to make us able to grow . When I look back at some of my mistakes I did .. I feel I could have done better . I could have handled the situation better . I  am surprised why I didn’t act wisely before . Then I realise that I have grown wiser since the last mistake I made .. and that made me look back and see … It made me grow ..

Disappointments can be a strength for us to inspire us to do more .. work harder .. step out of our comfort zones … it enables us to succeed further …

So we should be grateful to the negative people in our lives … that made us stronger … and better .

Embrace sadness and grow .



Open your mind

The only place you are truly free is your mind . Yet you insist on caging it , like a fragile bird. Set your mind free!

The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is yourself . Free your mind and soul . Write your own destiny .

We are our greatest enemy when we can be our greatest friend ! Tap into the power of your soul … feel the light in you . Bring it out … let the world know the brightest you  .Dare to live and set an example for others to follow . Dare to shine !!!img_3745

Abstract thoughts

Abstract art is visual poetry . The formlessness tell a story that can be so personal to the viewer and more so to the creator.
For making an abstract I need to uncondition myself when encountering the surface of canvas . I have to get involved in the ” present moment “. By building layers and layers of paint , I try to create an impression of myself in which i have lived metaphorically . So, abstraction is in its deepest sense based on realism , as in reality – reality of the PRESENT MOMENT , free from any thoughts or memories …only the present moment existing . So painting is a time manifested process and I become only a means .
Though am relatively newer to the abstract style , I try to make them not beckoning but gently whispering and once that whisper becomes audible , it translates into a img_20160516_164107_wmconversation wherein one can respond . In evoking these gentle persuasive responses from the viewer , lies the success of my art .


Developing an Art Style

I have often been told that my range of ideas on canvas varies. There is always something new in my artworks every time. Many people also told me to develop my own style. I then wonder how to do that? I just paint whatever I want to express! How can I limit myself to a certain topic or colour etc. ? After all art is a medium of expressions, of feelings. I decided to do a study.

In an artist’s style,there are usually defined characteristics, a specific means of handling a media, or repeated strategies that are constantly visible in every artwork. This takes time in developing. Style doesnt develop overnight. Its a gradual process that can take years to emerge.I think experimenting in different media and working fluidity in contrasting styles gives us growth. Everything comes out original inventive and beautiful. Forcing a commercial style that lack original spirit and enthusiasm looks generic and derivative. It might have worked for many artists who have been extremely successful with their styles. With due respect to them, I believe that even though we might find a style that works for us, it doesn’t mean that the creative process ends there. If we stick to that one style forever, we may as well be a trained monkey or a robot who can only do one trick or work

.Historically, the most compelling artists have been the ones who have been constantly reinventing and transforming themselves. Matisse went from oil paintings to paper cutouts at the end of his life. Degas switched from pastels and oils to figure sculpture. Even earlier works of Vangogh that have a completely different style are equally famous.

So I believe that we should allow our styles to develop naturally as we evolve as an artist. Attempts to force a style on ourselves will end up looking contrived and dishonest. And to tell you the truth, one should not develop particular theme only. Paint and create for yourself and if a style is emerging, good! If not then also good! fb_img_1471024359170  A very famous art collector in my city once remarked ” I don’t need to really go and attend art exhibits of some artists as I already know what stuff would be exhibited there. There would be nothing new! ” 🙂






Hello Mr. Sunshine!

My first art blog and my first post! Had to start with a cheerful sunny image 🙂 I have always loved to draw the Sun from the day I started sketching. And that day I can’t recall! Lol! I have been scribbling since the day I was born I believe :)) I have developed my art by practice and more practice and reading endlessly! I love the Sun. And I love Nature. I paint whatever catches my fancy at a particular moment. My art is spontaneous and fun. I don’t follow any rules. I just paint my heart out!